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International Journal of Sociology of Agriculture and Food

Published by Michigan State University

Official publication of the Research Committee on Sociology of Agriculture and Food (RC-40)
of the International Sociological Association (ISA)

Editors: Raymond Jussaume, Claire Marris and Katerina Psarikidou

Frequency: 3 issues per year 
ISSN: 0798-1759

Volume 25, Issue 2 (2019)

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Defining agroecology: Exploring the circulation of knowledge in FAO’s Global Dialogue                                         116-137

Allison Loconto and Eve Foullieux

Abstract            PDF

Varying Food Practices Among Three Low-Income Groups in the Northeastern United States:

Rural, Homeless & Refugee                                                                                                                                             138-151

Amy Redman

Abstract            PDF

Expanding Cashew Nut Exporting from Ghana’s Breadbasket:

A Political Ecology of Changing Land Access and Use, and Impacts for Local Food Systems                                152-172

James Boafo and Kristen Lyons

Abstract            PDF


In-between Anxiety and Hope: Trusting an Alternative Among ‘Alternatives’

in the (Post) Organic Food Market in Turkey                                                                                                                 173-190

Îrem Soysal Al and Bermal Küçük

Abstract            PDF

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