Volume 18 Issue 1 (2011)

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Special Issue
Editorial Introduction

Collective Farmers’ Marketing Initiatives in Europe: Diversity, Contextuality and Dynamics                                         1-11

Markus Schermer, Henk Renting and Henk Oostindie

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Quality, Coherence and Co-operation:

A Framework for Studying the Mediation of Qualities in Food Networks and Collective Marketing Strategies         12-27

Egon Noe and Hugo F. Alrøe

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Co-producing Transition:

Innovation Processes in Farms Adhering to Solidarity-based Purchase Groups (GAS) in Tuscany, Italy                   28-53

Gianluca Brunori, Adanella Rossi and Vanessa Malandrin

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Direct Markets as Multiple Consumption Spaces: The Case of Two Norwegian Collective Marketing Initiatives      54-69

Gunnar Vittersø and Anne M. Jervell

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Rebuilding and Failing Collectivity:

Specific Challenges for Collective Farmers Marketing Initiatives in Post-Socialist Countries                                    70-88

Talis Tisenkopfs, Imre Kovách, Michal Lošťák and Sandra Šūmane

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Social Capital as a Success Factor for Collective Farmers Marketing Initiatives                                                        89-103

Boldizsár Megyesi, Eszter Kelemen and Markus Schermer

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