Volume 18 Issue 2 (2011)

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The Role of Trust and Moral Obligation in Beef Cattle Feed-lot Veterinarians’ Contingent Adoption of                       104-120

Antibiotic Metaphylaxis Recommendations 

Wesley R. Dean, William Alex McIntosh, H. Morgan Scott and Kerry S. Barling

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Likelihood of Succession and Farmers’ Attitudes towards their Future Behaviour:                                                       121-133

Evidence from a Survey in Germany, the United Kingdom and Portugal 

Miguel Sottomayor, Richard Tranter and Leonardo Costa

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Changes in Food Chains in the Context of Globalization                                                                                                    134-148

Manuel Belo Moreira

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Japanese Fish Markets, Chinese Seafood Palaces and Global Sushi: Meeting Theodore C. Bestor                              149-161

Sonja Ganseforth

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