Volume 20 Issue 2 (2013)

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Editorial Introduction

Private Agri-food Standards: Supply Chains and the Governance of Standards                                                   147-154

Authors: Elizabeth Ransom, Carmen Bain and Vaughan Higgins

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Legitimacy and Standard Development in Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives:

A Case Study of the Leonardo Academy’s Sustainable Agriculture Standard Initiative                                        155-173

Authors: Maki Hatanaka and Jason Konefal

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The Limits of Voluntary Private Social Standards in Global Agri-food System Governance                                175-195

Author: Edward Challies

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On the Moral Equivalence of Global Commodities:

Placing the Production and Consumption of Organic Bananas                                                                                197-217

Authors: Amy Trauger and Andrew Murphy

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Modern Politics in Animal Welfare:

the Changing Character of Governance of Animal Welfare and the Role of Private Standards                           219-235

Authors: Carolina Toschi Maciel and Bettina Bock

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A New Breed of Tomato Farmers?

The Effect of Transnational Supermarket Standards on Domestic Cultures of Production and Trade               237-254

Author: Jennifer Wiegel

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Negotiated Decision-Making: Understanding Farmer and Processor Certification                                               255-274

Author: Rebecca L. Schewe

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Private Food Standards as Responsive Regulation:

The Role of National Legislation in the Development and Evolution of GLOBALG.A.P.                                           275-291

Authors: Stewart Lockie, Anne McNaughton, Lyndal-Joy Thompson and Rebeka Tennent

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