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International Journal of Sociology of Agriculture and Food

Published by Michigan State University (USA)

Official publication of the Research Committee on Sociology of Agriculture and Food (RC-40)
of the International Sociological Association (ISA)

Editors: Raymond Jussaume, Claire Marris and Katerina Psarikidou

Frequency: 2 issues per year 

ISSN / E-ISSN: 0798-1759 / 2524-1982 

Volume 26, Issue 1 (2020)​

Passive feeding or active learning in the kindergarten foodscape?                                                                                  1-25

Qualitative insights from the Dagmar intervention 

Authors: Bent Egberg Mikkelsen

Affiliations:  Department of Geosciences and Natural Resources, University of Copenhagen  


Abstract            PDF

There is a growing interest in actions that can contribute to increased food literacy and health among young people. As a result, the topic is increasingly becoming the subject of policymaking both in public health and in the educational system. Public engagement in these fields has led to a new focus on the importance of food for young people in institutions. However, approaches seem to follow slightly different paths. Food is mainly seen as a question of providing food or as both a question of providing and learning about food. This paper aims to explore the latter of these. Do kindergartens have the potential to move beyond simple provision and become active spaces for learning and literacy development? And, if so, what are the potentials and barriers for such approaches?

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