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International Journal of Sociology of Agriculture and Food

Published by Michigan State University

Official publication of the Research Committee on Sociology of Agriculture and Food (RC-40)
of the International Sociological Association (ISA)

Editors: Raymond Jussaume, Claire Marris and Katerina Psarikidou

Frequency: 3 issues per year 
ISSN: 0798-1759

Volume 24, Issue 1 (2017)

Special Issue



Editorial Introduction


Values-based Food Chains from a Transatlantic Perspective:

Exploring a Middle Tier of Agri-food System Development                                                                                      1-14

Marcia Ostrom, Kathryn De Master, Egon Noe and Markus Schermer

Abstract            PDF


Values and Volume in Sustainable Organic Market Chains: A Multi-perspectival Analysis                                  15-36

Claire Lamine and Egon Bjørnshave Noe

Abstract            PDF

It’s Not Always about Growth! Development Dynamics and Management in Food Businesses and Chains       37-55

Susanne von Münchhausen, Anna Maria Häring, Gunn-Turid Kvam and Karlheinz Knickel

Abstract            PDF

From ‘Additive’ to ‘Multiplicative’ Patterns of Growth                                                                                               57-76

Markus Schermer

Abstract            PDF

Can Values-based Food Chains Advance Local and Sustainable Food Systems?

Evidence from Case Studies of University                                                                                                                  77-95

Procurement in Canada and the UK 

Lori Stahlbrand

Abstract            PDF

Values in Motion: The Local Organic Food Co-ops Network in Ontario, Canada                                                     97-111

Jennifer Sumner

Abstract            PDF

What’s Going into the Box?

An Inquiry into the Social and Ecological Embeddedness of Large-scale EU and US Box Schemes                   113-134

Marcia Ostrom, Chris Kjeldsen, Susanne Kummer, Rebecka Milestad and Markus Schermer

Abstract            PDF

Organic Values-Based Supply Chains as a Tool for Territorial Development:

A Comparative Analysis of Three European Organic Regions                                                                                  135-154

Rike Stotten, Sibylle Bui, Patrizia Pugliese, Markus Schermer and Claire Lamine

Abstract            PDF

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