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International Journal of Sociology of Agriculture and Food

Published by Michigan State University

Official publication of the Research Committee on Sociology of Agriculture and Food (RC-40)
of the International Sociological Association (ISA)

Editors: Raymond Jussaume, Claire Marris and Katerina Psarikidou

Frequency: 3 issues per year 
ISSN: 0798-1759

Volume 10, Issue 2 (2002)


Download the entire Volume as one PDF


Introduction                                                                                                                                                                                           1

Amy Cutter-Mackenzie, Farshad Araghi, David Burch and Geoffrey Lawrence  



Alternative Genetically Modified Organisms, Organics and                                                                                                       3-10

The Contested Construction of Demand in the Agro-food System

John Wilkinson

Abstract             PDF

Just Bananas? Fair Trade Banana Production in the Dominican Republic                                                                            13-23

Aimee Shreck

Abstract             PDF

Globalization and Pork Raising in Mexico: The Challenges of Integration to the World Market                                          25-31

María del Carmen Hernández and Carlos J. Maya

Abstract             PDF

Creating Markets for Biotechnology                                                                                                                                           33-46

Vivien Walsh 

Abstract             PDF

It’s Not Easy Being Green: The Development of ‘Food Safety’ Practices in New Zealand’s Apple Industry                       45-55

Megan McKenna and Hugh Campbell

Abstract             PDF

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