Volume 5 (1996)

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Alberto Arce, Terry Marsden and Manuel Belo Moreira



Sustainable Development and Agriculture in the Third World                                                                                                   7-38

Roberto Henke and Mario Zappacosta

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Sweet and Sour: The Dynamics of Sugar Cane Agriculture                                                                                                     40-65

Ian Drummond

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Agricultural Trade, Firms and the State: Extrapolations From the Case of Japanese Beef Imports                                  66-84

Raymond A. Jussaume Jr.

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Globalisation, Regionalisation and Quality:                                                                                                                              85-114

The Socio-economic Reconstitution of Food in the San Francisco Valley, Brazil                      

Terry K. Marsden, Josefa Salete Barbosa Cavalcanti and Jose Ferreira Irmao

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Collective Efficiency: Mezcal Production and the Clustering of Small Firms                                                                     115-130

Gerard Verschoor

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